Dr SEMDE Cyrille

Maître de conférences de philosophie

Unité de Formation et Recherche en Sciences Humaines,
Université Joseph KI-ZERBO de Ouagadougou,
Burkina Faso

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Since 2018, Senior Lecturer of Philosophy, University Ouaga 1 Prof. Joseph Ki-Zerbo

DU in Ethics, Ecology and Sustainable Development, 2016, University Jean-Moulin Lyon3.
Secondary Education Teaching Competency Certificate (C.A.P.E.S), Koudougou Ecole Normale Supérieure, 1998.
Single PhD in Philosophy, 2009, University of Ouagadougou.

Previous Positions

Since 2017 Pedagogical Coordinator / LMD of the Training and Research Unit in Human Sciences (UFR / SH)
2014-2017 Head of the Department of Philosophy and Psychology, University Ouaga 1 Pr Joseph KI-ZERBO, Burkina Faso
Since 2013 Academic Director of the Institut Supérieur Privé de Philosophie, Maison Lavigerie,

Research Focus

thematic: Environmental Ethics, Development Ethics, Political Theory and Practice

Publications (selected)

  • 2017- Semdé, Cyrille. “The Ethics of Responsibility between Science and Ignorance”, Ivory Letters, Scientific Journal of Literature, Languages and Human Sciences, No. 025, pp.409-422.
  • 2017- Semdé, Cyrille. “Ecological democracy: representation or participation? “The Korè, Ivory Coast Journal of Philosophy and Culture, No. 51, pp.82-97.
  • 2017- Semdé, Cyrille. “The idea of justice: the debate between transcendental institutionalism and the approach by the capabilities”, Ivory Letters, Scientific Journal of Literatures, Languages and Human Sciences n ° 26 (vol 2-Human Sciences), pp. 85-94.
  • 2016 – Semdé, Cyrille. “Neuroscience and the possibility of ethics”, Ivory Letters, Scientific Review of Literature, Languages and Sciences, Humanities, n ° 22, pp. 307-317.

2016- Semdé, Cyrille. “The ethics of responsibility and the idea of man as a measure of everything”, IMO-IRIKISI, Benin Humanists Journal, Vol. 8, No. 1 & 2, pp. 385-399